Wellness Garni Hotel Relax

Spa ettuiquette

Visiting our Wellness Centre should be a pleasant experience for everyone. That’s why our guests are kindly asked to respect privacy of others. Only then you will help us to create harmonic and peaceful atmosphere.

We recommend you to restrain from eating any food at least 1 hour before your panned therapy and drink a lot of liquids if you plan to use our saunas, thermal pool and other high temperature facilities.

We will provide you with locker for your personal belongings in our Wellness Centre. We kindly ask all guests to wear proper swimsuit in Wellness Centre areas. You are required to take off your swimsuit and enter saunas covered in towels. You will receive clean towels at our reception.

Please consult all planned treatments with your doctor in advance. We ask you to inform personnel about your health condition or injuries that could negatively affect your health after performing treatments. Most of our treatments are not suitable for pregnant women and children under 15 years.

We ask you not to bring any food into Wellness Centre area. Beverages bottled in plastic can be purchased at our reception. You can’t consume your drinks from glass of bottles made of glass.

Children under 15 years have to be accompanied by responsible adult person and enter Wellness Centre at own risk. Wellness Centre is available for children from 8AM to 7PM and they will not be admitted in after 7PM.